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Interview we did for Radio Hudd. August 2011

Hey. We did an interview with Radio Hudd a few while back….Here it is:

I know new band overload but trust me they are all worth it.

I was introduced to Vice Like Grip by a mate of mine with the simple words you like decent rock music right. he was right on both counts i do like decent rock music and Vice Like Grip fulfil that requirement.

A band that could easily be written off as a generic pop punk band Vice Like Grip soon blow that ideal away with their catchy hooks and heavy melodies this band definitely leave a distinct impression.

But don’t take my word for it i spoke with Adam the guitarist and part vocals and Billy the bassist and even Ross their vocalist pops up to talk about who are their greatest inspiration and what they are about to embark on.

Part One

What is your first memory of music?

Billy – When I was 6 or 7, my Nan and Granddad would drive us to school in the mornings and we’d listen to 50’s and 60’s pop stuff every day.

Adam - . Driving through France with my Dad on holiday we’d listen to Queen, Dire Straits and classic rock like that. Thats when I really started to associate music with cars and open roads!

An album from your childhood

Billy – Sgt. Pepper – The Beatles. It was my Dads favourite album. And I remember getting a cd version of it when I was 9 or 10 and I couldn’t stop listening to it, I thought it was the greatest thing I’d ever heard.

An album from your teenage years

Billy – Let’s Go – Rancid. It was the first time I had ever heard an album that I thought really spoke to me. I played it all day, every day.

Adam – was heavily into dance music in my early teens so i’d say The Prodigy Experience from my earlier teens, since I got into bands in my late teens.

The first artist you discovered on your own

Adam – Easy. Alkaline Trio. I saw From here to Infirmary in HMV in London one christmas and on its cover they all have white contact lenses in. I thought it looked cool and when I played the first song and heard Private eye I literally fell in love. Every album has made me feel the same ever since. 

A song that reminds you of a certain event

Billy – Probably listening to pints of Guinness makes you strong by Against me on repeat for 2 hours, with my buddy, Andy, after this party. We loved every second of it, but it drove everyone else there INSANE! It was excellent!

Adam – Always Be by Jimmy Eat World. I listened to this album with my now wife a lot and it became our first dance at our wedding. The lyrics “One of has to drive, one of us gets to think” remind me of looking at her while I drove us home from a day out and i’ll never forget that. Sorry, its a bit soppy but Jimmy Eat World are THAT band! 

A song that describes you

Billy – Osker – Kinetic

Adam – Bouncing Souls – Sing along Forever! Lyrically it’s spot on.

A song that is a guilty pleasure

Billy – Halo by beyonce.. I love it!

Adam- Take That – The Flood

A song from your favourite band

Billy – Y’all don’t wanna step to dis! – Against me!..Amazing song!

Adam – Alkaline Trio have so many great songs but I think This Could Be Love is the best Jerry Finn/Alk 3 song you’ll ever hear. 

An artist you wish you heard on the radio more.

Billy- Bad Religion!!!

Adam – Vice Like Grip 

Part Two

Hello guys, firstly can you let our listeners in on what your sound is?

It’s melodic Punk Rock/pop punk…Not pop punk like Blink 182 or Simple Plan..We try to have a bit more depth than that. That’s why I tend to say melodic punk rock, rather than ‘pop-punk’ because people tend to have negative perceptions of that genre.. Some of which are fair, but some that really aren’t. We certainly have an ear for melody, but we’re a rougher beast than most pop-punk bands.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Some of the biggest influences on us are bands like Alkaline Trio, Millencolin, Therapy?, Rancid, Bad Religion, Descendents, Misfits, Cock Sparrer, NOFX and Teenage Bottlerocket…But we’re influenced by tons of different stuff from loads of different genres.The list is almost endless.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

In an ideal world it would be Jerry Finn, he produced so many of our favourite records…But, sadly that’ll never happen. Personally, I’d love to work with a really great producer like Steve Albini, or Bill Stevenson.. I think that’d be a total blast.. Those guys are really amazing producers and if we could work with them I’d die happy.

I loved pseudo junkie from first listening to it. What inspires your song writing? 

Ross – My song writing style tends to reflect observations and experiences. It can range between people i’ve met, or had a relationship with, to the way I think about the political agenda or the way we live our lives. The real challenge for me is to get people to identify with it.

Are we going to see any releases soon?

We’ve got a new EP called ‘None Of The Above’ that we recorded a few months ago @ Soundlocker studios. It’s ‘out now’.. I mean, you can hear it for free on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/vicelikegrip), or you can buy it from us at shows… We’re actually in the process of talking to a few labels at the moment to try and get it out to a wider audience. We’re really proud of it and we really want as many people as possible to hear it.

What are your feelings on shows like American Idol and x factor setting the tone for modern music?

I think it’s sad that shows like that turn playing music into nothing more than a chance to be famous and make a lot of money, in my opinion, music shouldn’t be about that.. If you’re into it for those kinds of reasons, then, Number 1, you’re going to be disappointed and number 2, you’re in it for all the wrong reasons! None of my friends who have ever picked up a guitar or a microphone or sat behind a drum kit have ever done it for money or fame.. Sure it’s nice to be rewarded for your work (so I’ve been told) But, it should be a by-product of it. Not your goal. People who appear on these sort of shows are kind of brain washed into thinking that it’s real opportunity for them. when in reality it’s all just a nice way to make Simon Cowell and his buddies stinking rich. Very few of the people on those shows ever get anything out of it. Even the people who end up winning never get anywhere…There’s only ever 1 winner on X factor and it’s not the singers.

Do shows like that make it harder to make it in other genres?

I don’t know really.. I think if anything it’s good for other genres. People get so sick and tired of listening to and seeing all this manufactured, unrealistic crap, that they look around to try and find something else… I think people can see through that sort of thing instantly. They may put up with it for a little while, but pretty soon they start looking for something a bit more ‘real’. And, anyway.. I think people who are inclined to listen to punk rock really don’t concern themselves too much with the kind of product that Simon Cowell puts out.

Finally what is coming up for Vice Like Grip?

We’re playing as many shows as we can, wherever we can. We love playing live! We’re going to go back into the studio before the end of the year to record some new stuff, We’re going to be making a video, and we’re Heading over to Europe soon to play some shows In Germany, Belgium and France. And, like I said, hopefully soon we’ll have a label to help us put out our EP.

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Leaping onto the scenester bandwagon! Coming soon - Vice Like Grip black flag shirts, straw trilby hats, rolled up jeans and shoes with no socks! See you in the pages of Disorder Magazine!

Leaping onto the scenester bandwagon! Coming soon - Vice Like Grip black flag shirts, straw trilby hats, rolled up jeans and shoes with no socks! See you in the pages of Disorder Magazine!

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We covered this today.. Going to roll it out for the zombie show in August!! Maybe the next show too, if you play your cards right you lucky, lucky sods!!

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Before the show with the Junk @ the hydrant, Brighton

Before the show with the Junk @ the hydrant, Brighton

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Ross lurking around a youth club…Best place to sell heroin, apparently.

Ross lurking around a youth club…Best place to sell heroin, apparently.

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Do you have a QR reader on your phone??? Check this shit!!!!!!

Do you have a QR reader on your phone??? Check this shit!!!!!!

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Live @ Islington Academy 2011

Live @ Islington Academy 2011

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Happy Slap

Happy Slap

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